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Message from the Top

Promoting High Value-Added Products President and Representative Director Mitsutaka Yoshii
Since Bando was established in 1906, our core business has been rubber- and elastomer-related belt products. We celebrated our 110th anniversary in April, and we are deeply grateful for the support of all of our stakeholders, including our shareholders. Looking back, we have developed and manufactured products in support of industry, and economic and societal growth throughout the eras, beginning with the textile industry at the time of our founding. While recalling our past, the Bando Group is now working toward the goals in our mid- to long-term plan, “Breakthroughs for the future.”
We are making steady advances in product development and process innovations in our core belt business in the midst of the first phase of the plan.
Globally, we are focusing our management resources on our core belt business, and aim to expand business in growing Asian markets. We are expanding production capacity at key overseas’ affiliates, segmenting target markets for each of our main products, and further strengthening our sales network to provide solid customer service, including technical support. In addition to these measures, we will continue to strengthen optimum global procurement, production and supply in the Group. We will continue to develop specifications, product quality and price compatible with each region, and aggressively expand domestically-developed process innovations at our overseas’ affiliates.
Finally, united as a Group, we are working at further innovations to create and cultivate new business on our march toward “Breakthroughs for the future.”

June, 2016