Plastics Products
Environmentally-friendly inkjet digital print media for clearer images. Large images for posters, signs, banners and event tents, with or without adhesives, and can be used with fast-drying ink.
Basic Specifications
Film used
E PVCAPolyolefinASynthetic paper ipolypropylene basej
Adhesives used
E Acrylic adhesives (Solvent type / water base type )
E The water base type is entirely eco-friendly, with no residual solvents.
Image characteristics of the special resin coating on the surface layer
E Clear image formation
E Favorable ink chromogenics
E Fast ink-drying
E Excellent ozone- and water-resistance for outdoor use.
Types and Usages
Inkjet Output Media
Product Specifications Compatible Inks Features
Vinyl chloride with gray adhesive, removable
Water base
Good ink absorption without bleeding, chromogenics and laminate effectiveness
Vinyl chloride for illuminated use, with transparent adhesive
Good ink absorption and chromogenics, optimum optical transparency
Olefin, gray adhesive, removable
Made of eco-friendly polyolefin, good ink absorption without bleeding, good chromogenics and laminate effectiveness
Synthetic paper, with gray adhesive
Hiigh ink absorption, good chromogenics, excellent water resistant semi-gloss surface, ink absorbing layer, water-base adhesive, entirely eco-friendly
Glossy/matte, vinyl chloride, gray adhesive, removable
Solvent type
Excellent flexibility and bonding surface, good ink absorption and chromogenics
LED illumination vinyl chloride, transparent adhesive, removable
Best LED source illumination spec, good ink absorption and chromogenics
Inkjet (Poster) Over-Laminate Film
Product Specifications Features
Glossy / Matte,
transparent adhesive
Vinyl chloride film with UV resistance and excellent ozone resistance
Excellent flexibility and bonding surface
True reproduction of color tones, eco-friendly thin-film spec, excellent media fit without air bubble contamination
Less reflection from illumination, ideal for indoor advertising
transparent adhesive
Made of eco-friendly polyolefin
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