Light-Duty Conveyor Belts
Long span synchronous reciprocating transmission and lightweight synchronous transport.
The steel cord tension member ensures that there is little belt elongation, and the polyurethane construction allows for a variety of process applications on the back side.
There is little belt elongation even with long spans due to steel cord tension members.
The belt cover is improved from conventional belts. Weather resistance has also improved, while maintaining the belt's high gripping strength.
Various profiles can be attached on the back side by heat-sealing.
The polyurethane construction allows for back side processes to be easily shaped.
Polyurethane dust generation is minimal so a clean environment is maintained.
Profile attachment examples
Pachinko ball conveyance
Pipe conveyance
Cheese molding
Vacuum transport of packaged sweets
Coin conveyance
Film conveyance
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