Accessory Drive Products
Improved belt drive dependability, implementing a system comprised of a belt, accessory drive elements and pulleys.
Photograph courtesy of Toyota Motor Corporation
(V-Ribbed Belt)
  A single flexible belt is able to drive all accessories, which shortens engine length and reduces assembly man-hours.
Automatic Tensioner
  By consistently applying the required minimum tension designed for each accessory drive, the device improves dependability and realizes maintenance-free automatic tensioning.
  A free wheeling clutch inside the pulley for high inertia accessories which transmits torque in only one direction, it significantly improves dependability for the entire belt drive system. BANDO SMOOTH COUPLER reduces the effect of load variation of fluctuating rotation that would usually damage belts with rough running accessory drives.
Extends the service life of accessory bearings and belts, with improved reliability.
(Including diesel engines.)
Maintenance-free belt drive.
Reduction of overall engine length.
Engine powered belt drive applications and accessory drive systems.
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